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Opstart’s Equity Crowdfunding Continues to Grow.

Opstart completes Series A round with the investment from Aleph Finance Group, with the objective to develop Private Debt, Crypto Assets, Crowdlisting® through thelaunch of Crowdbase, the new crowdinvesting frontier.

November 6th 2019 – Crowdbase will open investment possibilities in new markets and new verticals for all crowdfunding investors, thanks to investment in Opstart share capital from Aleph Finance Group PLC ( parent company of Pairstech Capital Management LLP (

Pairstech Capital Management LLP is a London-based asset management and investment management company founded in 2007 authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”). Pairstech offers institutional and private investors, professionals and retailers, a range of products in different asset classes, offering high skills and diversification with the best risk profile available.

In addition to the financial resources contributed, the partnership with Aleph will provide important synergies for opening new financial markets in Europe and in the UK. The new funds will be used for the development of Crowdbase (, the new platform that complements the existing Opstart equity platform, with a tool addressed to Professional and Institutional Investors for Private Debt, with new verticals in the Cripto Assets and STO’s (Security Token Offering).

Aleph, through Pairstech, will also provide support as a “listing sponsor” to SMEs that will choose Crowdlisting®, a designed process branded exclusively by Opstart, aimed at replicating IPOs for SMEs on the Euronext market. Crowdlisting® is the new route dedicated to SMEs looking for new capital and investors that wants visibility beyond national borders. A real IPO at enormously lower costs and times, combining Crowd collection tools and the Technical Listing or private placement of SME’s shares. Opstart is in the first platform to have launched these services.

Pilot project forCrowdlisting®, is Cesynt Advanced Solutions S.p.a, the innovative SME that manages I-Skilled,an online e-learning multi-platform that allows optimal management of distance learning courses for companies, professionals, individuals and training institutions.Cesyntis alsothe first Italian SME to distribute a dividend equal to 20%toshareholdersthat invested in thefirst round of equity crowdfunding.the same year they raised capital. Few days ago, Cesynt launched the second round with a raisingtarget of 1 million Eurosandinless than 48 hours after its launch, and it has already registered an overfunding with a collection over 250 thousand Euros. The capitalwill be functional for the stock exchange listing on the Euronext marketand development of new products.

The funding from Aleph will also support further development of the company, already at the forefront of the Italian fintech scenariothanks to the recent launch of, the innovative advertising portalfor crowd investorswho want to invest in the secondary market.The development of crowdtradingwas possible thanks to themodification of the Equity Crowdfundingregulation applied byConsob(Italian Financial Conduct Authority). Crowdtradingwill enablethe purchase and sellof shares of companies that have carried out an ECF campaign-in a simple, freeand totally disinterred way.

The activity of Opstart is therefore growing on all fronts, in line with the evidence of the last report of the Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, which attest to the strong growth of interest and capital invested in equity crowdfundingbetween institutional and retail entities.

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